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Certifications: BollyX Instructor, Zumba(R) Instructor and currently certified in CPR & First Aid.

Kritika received her dance and fitness certifications in BollyX (2018) and Zumba(R) Fitness (2016). She enjoys performing in front of audiences, creating her own choreography, and dancing to Soca and Bollywood music. Aside from dancing, Kritika is pursuing Biomedical Engineering at the University of Waterloo to hopefully design medical technologies for the future. When she's not dancing, she enjoys cooking Thai and Indian food, exploring new places, and creating innovative designs.

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Specialities: Bollywood, HipHop, Jazz, Ballroom and currently certified in CPR & First Aid.

Trained as a Dance Instructor with Rahul Saxena’s Dance Connection in India, I enjoy Bollywood dancing as it allows you to express yourself. I believe dancing is the best form of exercise. Dancing has been my passion ever since school, I have participated in many inter collegiate cultural events, one of our dance sequences were on roller skates. I enjoy Zumba, Salsa, Jive, Tango, Hip Hop and Lambada. Dancing makes me happy and I will try my best for it to make you happy.

Alejandra India-Marinera

Specialities: Zumba(R) Fitness Instructor, Barre Works, Latin Dance and currently certified in CPR & First Aid.

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