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Certifications: BollyX Instructor, Zumba(R) Instructor, and currently certified in CPR & First Aid.

I received my dance and fitness certifications in BollyX (2018) and Zumba(R) Fitness (2016). I enjoy performing in front of audiences, creating choreography, and dancing to Soca and Bollywood music. Aside from dancing, I’m pursuinga Biomedical Engineering at the University of Waterloo to hopefully design medical technologies for the future. Hobbies include cooking Thai and Indian food, exploring new places, and creating innovative designs.

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Specialities/Certifications: Bollywood, Classical Indian-Bharatanatyam, Zumba (R)Fitness Instructor, currently certified in CPR & First Aid

Hi, I’m Mithila and I’m a Zumba(R) instructor and a trained bharatanatyam dancer. Since my childhood, I was inclined towards dance and my passion for dance grew swiftly. I began Bharatnatyam/Classical Indian dance training in South India when I was 4 years-old and have been training for almost 20 years. Apart from dance, I love animals, practicing yoga, and exploring the world through road trips!

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Specialities/Certifications: Bollywood, Classical Indian-Bharatanatyam, and currently certified in CPR & First Aid

My name is Pekhna Kaur, and dancing is in my DNA! I am an extrovert that loves dancing as well as making people fall in love with it. I am a professionally trained Classical Indian-Bharatnatyam dancer and have been practicing for the past 18 years. Apart from my classical dance background I have been performing and choreographing Bollywood, semi-classical, freestyle jazz, Afro-Jazz and classical productions. I can’t wait to be a part of Fusion Cardio Toronto, dancing and having fun with all the lovely ladies and reaching our fitness goals together.



Specialities: Latin dance, Hip Hop, Ballet, Barre Fitness, and currently certified in CPR & First Aid.

Bio and picture coming soon.