Fusion Cardio Toronto’s mission is to create dance and fitness opportunities for all women and girls across Toronto.


Fusion Cardio Toronto’s  vision is to promote the well-being of women and girls.

Why Women and Girls?

Reputable Canadian newspapers and organizations have published articles raising awareness to the physical inactivity of Canadians. In 2011, Statistics Canada released a study indicating that only 15% of Canadians reached their suggested daily exercise intake (The Star; Eglinton, 2011). Females ranked lower than males in both adult and youth groupings. In addition to this, ParticipACTION gave Canadian kids a grade of D- for their level of physical activity for the fourth year in a row (The Canadian Press; Szklarski, 2016).

Based on these findings, Fusion Cardio Toronto is happy to address the issues of physical inactivity among females in the city by providing fun and unique exercises-based classes. Emphasis is now placed on partnering with community and health centers to run free programming for newcomers, special populations, and those living in some of the most under-resourced communities in Toronto.