Welcome, Newbie!

What to bring to your first class

  1. Please have both the Waiver and PARQ forms filled out and ready to submit. Both are attached to all class sign up e-mails.
    •  These forms help us to minimize your injuries and risks and encourage a safe and enjoyable experience 
    • PARMED-X form for pregnant women to review with their health care provider prior to starting a new fitness program: Click Here
    • PARMED-X form for health care providers to sign when clearance to begin a fitness program is needed: Click Here
  2. A bottle of water to keep you hydrated and a post-workout snack on hand to help you recover after a workout 
  3. Yoga mat/old towel for Pound Fit classes to protect the floors from the strikes and your clothes during sitting and laying down routines
  4. A stroller or car seat for mom and baby fitness classes. Some centers do not allow strollers outside of the room for safety reasons. If driving, best to leave it in your car and bring the car seat in.  A sling/carrier may be the best way to bring your baby to this class. Carriers are great for dance workout classes but are not mandatory if  you want to workout alone.

Arrive on Time

Please show up 10-minutes before class to register and settle in. New beginners who are late will not be allowed in due to missing the introduction and registration.

What to Wear                                                 

  1. Shoes  - please remember to wear a pair of comfortable sneakers. Cross-trainers, Jazz dance sneakers or even a worn out pair of shoes with a flat bottom will work. Ideal shoes are those made for cross-lateral motion. Running shoes are not ideal as they are meant to be worn for forward motion. 
  2. Attire - While sweat wicking materials (like Polyester) are ideal for working out, feel free to wear anything that works for you (old cotton t-shirt, sweat pants,etc)

What Are Classes Like

Participants join for a number of reasons such as to relieve stress, meet new people, and reach weight loss goals. Which ever reason brings you in, you can be sure to have a class that is:

  • female-only, supportive and beginner-friendly
  • Classes that improve the Cardiorespiratory and Muscular capacity systems
  • Low to moderate intensity workouts to accommodate participants from all levels
  • Exercise classes that are fun, easy-to-follow,and will not leave you feeling overly exhausted or tired afterward
  • Participants can burn anywhere from 300-900 calories per class depending on various factors (e.g. type of class, fitness levels, intensity)
  • A class filled with a mixture of energetic, unique and catchy music
  • Lastly, but most importantly, a class that will make you smile at least once

Typical Age Ranges By Class Type

  • For women's classes: 29 to 55 years-old but all ages are welcome
  • For girl's classes: 8 to 17 years-old