Best Shoes For Dance Workouts and Classes - Under $80

Throughout the last years, I’ve seen my share of shoes. And I’ve worn my share of shoes. Shoes that look great on but aren’t functional for dance workouts/dance classes. I’ve seen some come in with heels, others in winter boots, and some in sandals. I’ve even seen some participants throw off their shoes in the middle of a class because they just aren’t able to move in them as they’d like to. Wearing the wrong shoes in a dance class is like driving a car in the snow with summer tires. You’re getting by until one day, you just can’t.

To help you find the best shoe for your dance workouts/classes, without breaking the bank, I’ve put together a quick list of inexpensive shoes available in Toronto and online. Most of the shoe brands and styles on the list I’ve purchased and really liked wearing.

1) Dance Sneakers (suitable for high impact dance workouts/classes)

Reebok Women's Hayasu (Starting at C$40 Reebok online)

Reebox Women's Pilox Dance Sneaker (C$60 Sears Canada)

RYKA’s Women's 'Grafik' Training/Studio Dance Shoe (C$70 at Sears Canada)

Pastry’s Hip Hop Dance Sneakers (C$70 at Dance Wear Center)

2) Jazz Sneakers (suitable for dance classes)

American Ballet Theatre Women’s Twin Gore (C$30 at Payless Canada)

Capezio DS29 High Top Split Sole Dance Sneakers ($40 at Dance Wear Center)

Canvas Phanton Bloch Jazz Show (C$56 at Malabar Toronto)

3) No to Low-Cost Options

An old walking shoe (with a flat bottom that has minimal grip and allows you to twist and turn easily). Running shoes are not ideal as they are made for forward motion.

Barefoot (jumping and rumbling may have an impact on your knee joints and ankles. If you tend to get sweaty feet, this option may not work well.

Investing in a good pair of shoes will pay off if you’re getting the results you want. And you don’t have to spend over $90 to reach it.

The one thing I wish for all of you is fewer injuries and better performance.

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