5  Fun and Affordable Ways To Stay Active This Fall  

5  Fun and Affordable Ways To Stay Active This Fall

By: Sumera Q, Fusion Cardio Toronto

High Park Trails

High Park Trails

Fall is one of my favourite seasons in Canada. Maybe its because of the cooler weather conditions and the beautiful colours of the leaves. Or maybe, it has to do with its nutritious and yummy produce like pumpkins, apples, and corn all of which I love using to make delicious soups, protein shakes, and low-fat desserts. Whatever it is that has me hooked, here are 5 ways to stay active this season:

1.      Workout In High Park (Cost: Free to $30)

High Park is a beautiful place to enjoy a free hike, bike ride or walk. It’s trails and Zoo are totally free. If you go in the day, you can take a tour of Colborne Lodge, one of Toronto's oldest historical homesm for around $8 per person. In October, it has a Halloween Spooky trail walk which sold out fairly quickly last year so definitely try and give this activity a go.

2.      Visit a Pumpkin/Corn Maze Farm (Cost: $10 to $15 for admission)

These attractions are typically out of the city and a fun activity for larger groups and families. The farms offer corn maze walks, playground areas, and scary barns allowing for some low impact exercise.

3.      Go Apple Picking (Cost: $20 and up)

Also located outside of the city, apple farms allow the public to come in, pick their own apples for a set price, and to connect with food in a way that they don’t normally get too. Apple picking is also a great upper body workout. While this festivity falls on the higher end of the scale, you can always pickle, puree and freeze apples for smoothies and pies for up to a few months.

4. Attend Fall Events (Cost: Free) 

Many organizations across Toronto will be hosting free Fall events to promote their programs and services. The Bloor West often hosts a festivals with free crafts for kids, pumpkin carving, and prizes. The City of Toronto (link) has a list of free events for the public too.

5.   Weekly Coffee Walks (Cost: $2 and up)

Turn coffee time it into a weekly form of exercise. Ask a friend to meet you at a cafe and get your favorite tea or coffee (healthier options here) and take it for a walk. To achieve the benefits of low impact cardio, try and make your walk at least 30-minutes long. 

Hope these suggestions help.


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