Fusion Cardio Toronto's mission is to create fun and accessible dance and fitness opportunities for women and girls across Toronto.


Fusion Cardio Toronto’s  vision is to promote the well-being of all women and girls

Why Women and Girls?

Numerous Canadian publications have released articles raising awareness to the physical inactivity of Canadians, with females being less active than males. In 2011, Statistics Canada released a study indicating that only 15% of Canadians reached their suggested daily exercise intake (The Star; Eglinton, 2011).  Females were less active than males in both adult and youth groupings (CBC Sports, 2016).  Based on these findings, Sumera decided to take one step forward to address the issues of physical inactivity among women and girls in Toronto by creating fun, accessible, and creative dance and physical activities to make exercise fun. Since 2017, emphasis has been placed on running free classes at community and health for newcomers, special populations (moms and babies and Aboriginal girls), and those living in some of the most under-resourced communities in Toronto.

Why Dance?

Publications such as, Time Magazine, Berkley Wellness, The Globe and Mail and Metro have written articles on the health benefits associated with dance in relation to other demographics and communities such as Indigenous youth and those living with Dementia and Parkinson’s. Les Grand Ballet Des Montreal is Canada’s first university offering a graduate-level program in dance/movement therapy indicating the positive effects of dance on health. Based on the feedback received from the pilot dance projects in the form of surveys and group discussions,  dance has been a powerful tool in enhancing social opportunities, reducing stress and isolation, and creating a fun way to exercise.