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Women's Self Defense Workshop For Beginners - Workout While Learning Safety

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Have you ever had your purse or wallet stolen or know someone who has? Ever wondered what you would do if you were being followed at night or how to determine what is unsafe?

Through this specialty 1 hr & 30 minute workshop, you'll have fun learning how to detect real life-threatening situations and techniques on how to protect yourself should you need to. This workshop is designed for women of all ages and levels with no or limited self-defense training.

We’ll cover topics such as how to get out of wrist grabs, choke holds, purse and bag left situations, and more. Group/Pair practices will be implemented to help with the learning process. Come dressed for light exercise.

Kindly note: this will be lead by a caring and qualified male instructor and Sumera will be present.

Workshop coming on a Saturday Evening in November 2019