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Get Strong With Our New "Bolly-Barre" Dance Fitness

Bollywood and Barre Dance Workout Class in Toronto.jpg

Fusion Cardio Toronto is all about fusing unique and popular fitness programs together to make exercising fun, exciting, and most importantly, inspiring for women, girls, and kids.

With Bollywood dance cardio programs growing across Toronto, so should a Bollywood program with a focus on strength-training and flexibility.

Research indicates that having strong bones and muscles are key to preventing injuries and fractures and can help make every day activities such as picking up your kids and walking up steps easier. Strong bones can also help prevent osteoporosis (a disease that can cause the bones to break easily) and help manage arthritis a condition experienced at greater rates by Canadian women than men (link).

Sumera will be introducing Barre Dance Fitness Programs this Fall, including Bolly-Barre.

To join the waitlist for Barre Ballet or Bolly Barre Fitness, please leave your name, email, and the location you prefer (High Park or Annex).

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