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Why Partner With Me

Women and girls do not always have the opportunity to participate in fun physical activities in their communities.  Sadly, many community organizations cannot afford to allocate resources to launching or continuing to run long-term fitness projects.

Reputable Canadian newspapers and publications are raising awareness of the physical inactivity of Canadians, with females being less active than males in both adult and youth groupings. Due to such findings, the creation of exciting, accessible, and culturally-relative physical activity opportunities for women and girls on a regular basis is needed.

Sumera is proud to work with community organizations across some of Toronto's most under-resourced communities (also known as Neighborhood Improvement Areas) and those dedicated to supporting special populations to create free on-site physical activity programs. Whether you want to expand an existing fitness program or launch a first-time pilot in your neighborhood, Sumera is happy to offer a free, one-time, interactive demonstration at your space and provide the administrative and community engagement support needed to continue on a project on a long-term basis, if a partnership is created.

How To Partner Up

To partner with me, please send a message below explaining

1. Your program idea and length

Programs typically run for 8-weeks long and during 3 sessions, Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter. Please state the program location and outreach strategies.

2. Community and demographic

Special populations include: newcomer women (19 to 55 yrs-old) and girls (10 to 17 yrs-old), Aboriginal girls (10 to 17 yrs-old),  and moms and babies (5 months +) 

3. Available resources (staff and funding support)

If you currently have funding or are applying for funding for a project, I can provide a partnership letter or grant writing support. There must be a key contact at your organization who will provide support in setting up, outreach and/or work with me to keep participants engaged, and any budget information for snacks.

The average cost of an 8-week pilot project starts from $600 and up.

4. Expectations from the partnership

- Sumera is happy to provide support all long-term community projects with instruction and program and curriculum development, registration and marketing materials, community engagement, and grant writing and partnership letters. This is considered a development fee.

How To Volunteer

If you are a new or seasoned dance or fitness instructor, what better way to give back than by sharing your passion with girls and women that do not always have quality and accessible physical fitness opportunities available to them. Whether it's a one-time or a monthly volunteer commitment, your support counts.

Have a Partnership Inquiry?

Please send me a message and I will respond with 48-hours

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