Annex Class Reviews

"Its wonderful to be a part of this class. Sumera is an excellent instructor who makes the workout session a fun n will make you come again for it." Peenaz H (Facebook)

"First time at class today, really enjoyed it, patient experienced teacher who shows ways to modify the exercises for every fitness level. You will leave this class with energy and a smile on your face. So glad I gave it a go. - Michelle H (Facebook)

"Pound rockout class is so amazing. It is a great way to have fun while staying in shape, and the teacher is the best!! Thank you Sumera!" - Mariana S (Yelp)

"I joined the trial yesterday and it was way funner than any workout workshop that I've joined. Never thought of exercising or stretching with the beats of songs. And it turned out to be great! I like it a lot!" - Yuk Yu L (Yelp)

A few years ago I started a desk job and really began to feel the hard impact on my body of sitting all day in a job that can also be really stressful at times. I felt it in my body:  stiff, sore back and restless but somehow still exhausted?…  I thought maybe I wanted to take dance classes or something but didn’t want to put even more pressure on myself to need to be doing something “right”. I just wanted to do something fun to let off some steam. I saw Sumera’s class advertised and I went to check it out. I went by myself and didn’t know anyone, and I’m really not an exercise class extrovert sort of person, I’m not sporty, so I was super nervous about what I might be getting myself in to. But! Sumera was super friendly and welcoming, and I found the class to be full of women of all ages, shapes, abilities, backgrounds… and there’s no pressure to get the steps right. It is really just about jumping around to fun music (Soca, Bollywood, Salsa, Top 40… she switches it up all the time) and laughing at trying to keep in step with Sumera and feeling like everyone is just there to move and have some fun together. I now make time to go every week, and particularly when I’ve had a stressful day, I take it all out on the Zumba floor! I jump, I stomp, I kick and I laugh. And it feels so great.” – Larissa

“I’ve been doing Zumba for a year here. Sumera’s class is great. It’s central and you can dance at your own pace and have a lot of fun and a good workout. Highly recommended!” – Isolde

“I really enjoyed Sumera’s Zumba class. I love how she incorporated fitness into the dance – it’s a really great workout! The location is great and the class is fun. The best part is she always keeps a smile on her face and encourages everyone! Highly recommended.” – Kerri (Yelp)

 “The students from The Language Gallery really enjoyed the Zumba Class with Sumera! Sumera is a very outgoing, easy to talk to and helpful person. And of course a great Zumba teacher!”   – Petra Kotlan, Social Coordinator, The Language Gallery

Wedding and Event Services Reviews

wedding_dance classes_in_Toronto (9).jpg
“We approached Sumera for our wedding dance that was a combination of four of our favorite songs. As a couple that had a specific budget, we wanted a dance instructor that first and foremost was a good match for us. Sumera was very accommodating and understanding of our busy schedule as well as our lack of coordination with our dance moves. She was very patient to teach us and even gave us a thorough list of our dance steps so we can practice at home. On our wedding night, every one of our guests marveled at how beautiful our wedding.” – Anne and Ruff
My wife and I were in need of a dance instructor 2 weeks before the wedding. It was one of the last things we were thinking about, but we didn’t want to wing it. We got in touch with Sumera who was knowledgeable and a great instructor.  She was capable of breaking down the dance moves into easy-to-learn steps. She even provided us an instruction sheet and timings for all the moves. Bonus point: Sumera’s extremely patient, which was needed for two people who didn’t know formal dance all that well! Thank you Sumera!” – Tanvir & Emman

We got in touch with Sumera to get some help preparing for our first dance just few days before our wedding  We were so lucky to find Sumera – such a creative and helpful talent with whom we absolutely enjoyed working with! We are so grateful for her suggestions and willingness to explore a variety of options for our dance. Sumera – you saved us!!! A big THANK YOU from both of us!”        – Katrin & Rick

Community Class Reviews

"I joined Zumba classes last year for the first time and came to know that fitness activities can be fun too...!  Zumba is a great way of burning calories and staying in shape. Dancing and moving with the music is a fun workout. Love it. I feel happy and energetic after each session...!  Sumera is an awesome instructor. Love her sessions whether its Zumba or Bollywood fitness. She is just amazing....!" - Vidhya R.

"Over the past year, Fusion cardio has partnered with our organization The Spot Youth Centre- a youth satellite office of The Jane Finch Centre. Sumera the instructor was fabulous and provided amazing weekly sessions for our young women. First we received zumba sessions which were a great hit and had everyone dancing, working on their fitness and enjoying the program. Then we started doing Pound Workout which was equally enjoyable. Personally it allowed me to get my needed exercise and helped me in toning and building stamina while working with young women in our community. I definitely highly recommend Fusion Cardio Toronto." - Rahma Togane, Jane and Finch Community and Family Center

We approached Sumera last fall to help our Over Fifty Seniors Club members with some zumba lessons. Sumera was kind in enough to lend her support immediately to our cause. She introduced her zumba talents to all who participated and even provided us with some other popular dances. If you have never done zumba before then Sumera is the best person to be in touch with. Sumera loves what she does and it shows because she does it so well. She is fun and pleasant to work with. She also was very attentive and patient with our group. She is so upbeat that she got our group very involved in an enjoyable way. Sumera, you are the best. I will never forget dancing with you. Thank you.” – Indra Jaisari, Social Events Organizer, Social Lime