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Kids Summer Dance Camp - Join The Waitlist


Research has shown the benefits of dance on youth. The benefits of physical activities like dance include doing better in school, improved self-esteem and confidence, enhanced moods, and opportunities to make positive friendships. 

To get kids benefiting from dance, Sumera will be running a Kid's Summer Dance Camp in July combining fun and easy to follow ballroom dances (from the Swing to Merengue), and the popular music they love, Despacito and Bailando. Classes will provide kids with a fun space to develop movement coordination and skills, an appreciation for world culture, and an opportunity to meet cool friends.

The program will be half-day at the Runnymede and Bloor Location. Classes will provide a period for kids to bond over lunch. Lunch will not be provided. Camps will go forward with 6 kids registered per session.

To join the waitlist or for more information, send a message below.

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